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Our Suite of Services

Fundamentally, Virogreen offers three integrated pillars of services: Asset Recovery, Environmentally Compliant Recycling, and Onsite Data Destruction. These services can be offered as an integrated stack or offered individually based on the objectives of a client.

Asset Recovery

Virogreen provides a one-stop solution for decommissioning and retiring end-of-life IT equipment.

Compliant Recycling

Our recycling plants utilises  processes aimed at delivering the lowest possible environmental impact for recycled equipment. 

Data Destruction

Virogreen ensures all data is destroyed and irrecoverable, includes documentation required for regulatory and corporate compliance.

IT Asset Disposition

A well-defined, systematic program to manage disposition of retired IT assets is key to protecting your data, controlling your assets, maximizing value recovery and meeting regulatory requirements.

Our standard IT asset disposal services include:

  • Decommission IT assets at your location
  • Inventory reconciliation of retired assets
  • Data destruction services, at your location or at SRS
  • Packing of assets and transport to SRS processing facility
  • Receipt and logging of assets into inventory tracking system
  • Testing, grading, repair and refurbishment of IT assets
  • Asset reuse and / or recycling based on asset condition and age
  • Parts and asset redeployment, resale and recycling
  • Inventory reporting and certificates of data destruction
  • Financial settlements of assets resold

Our services are supported by client portals for order requests and tracking, receipt/fulfillment, invoice submission, asset reporting and certificates of data destruction.

Consumer E-waste

Consumers can recycle their E-waste at a Virogreen collection point and be assured devices will be recycled safely, efficiently and to the highest environmental standards.

Virogreen Offers Complete Electronic Recycling Services for Public Programs, including:

  • Convenient pick-up – we provide roll-offs so you don’t have to palletize (most locations)
  • Permanent collection sites to support long term recycling programs
  • Single point of contact to streamline communications and enhance accountability

Tailored Solutions

Our  e-waste consultant will evaluate your specific business parameters and recommend a tailored recycling solution.

Our tailored solutions service portfolio solves it all! Your e-waste consultant will evaluate your specific business parameters and recommend a tailored recycling solution.

For some industries we standardize the solution and make it available as a specific tailored business recycling solution.

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Worlds of innovation

At Virogreen, we are dedicated at providing our customers with topnotch End-Term Life Cycle Solutions that is hinged on innovation, flexibility and meeting secure, ethical and environmental standards at all times.

your trust is our success

We are committed to working closely with our customers to help them maximize their return for redundant and retired IT assets. These include computers, server hardware, communications hardware and all other electronics and electrical equipments.