PMD Collection Programme

On 10 September 2018, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that the Parliament had passed the Land Transport (Enforcement Measures) Bill which adopts UL2272 as the new safety standard for Personal Mobility Devices. The bill became an Act (ie law) on 2 Jan 2019.

This new requirement is being implemented as a response to tackle the rampant cases of fire involving poorly made devices. These fires largely consisted of scooters that were illegally modified, purchased from errant online sellers, and models that did not adhere to the Spring Singapore safety certification requirements. As a more efficient way to protect consumers, the new safety standards were put into place to purge these unethical practices of unauthorized retailers and sellers.

What is UL2272?

In layman’s terms, the UL2272 is a U.S. certification awarded to electrical mobility devices that have met the standards of a comprehensive system of safety tests. The testing parameters include both electrical and mechanical components as well as environmental aspects to assess electrical safety. To further explain, the assessment takes into account how resistant the devices are against impact, extreme temperatures, water exposure and other factors. Under these conditions, signs of short circuiting and imbalance charging would indicate a possibility of fire and therefore deemed as less than ideal in level of electrical safety.

“It is an offence to ride a registered e-scooter on public paths without the Identification Mark or LTA Registration Mark beyond the grace period. ” – Land Transport Authority

The big question: Where to dispose my non-compliant E-scooter?

E-scooter is one of the elements of micro-mobility. As cities face rapid population growth, there is a need to improve or expand exising transportation network to move people around. Many cities believe that micro-mobility can be the solution to their problem as it is not possible to free up more land for roads and parking spaces.

Virogreen Singapore offers members of the public to drop their non-compliant PMDs at our facility to be properly disposed off and environmentally recycled.

PMD Collection Programme

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