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About Electronic Waste

Electronic waste (e-waste) is refers to discarded electrical and electronic items such as wires, mobile phones, computers, batteries, etc. E-waste contains toxic substances and its improper disposal can lead to serious pollution and health problems. With the rapid changes in technology, shorter product life-cycles, changes in media (tapes, software, MP3) and falling prices, there is a fast-growing surplus of electronic waste around the globe. Hence, there is a need to provide more avenues for individual consumers to recycle their e-waste.

Virogeen’s recycling bin is a flagship e-waste recycling programme launched in 2017. As an recycling services provider in electronic products, the programme indicates Virogreen’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Who is involved?

The programme kicked off with a collaborative consumer-driven environmental effort between telecommunications provider M1 and Virogreen Singapore. As environmentally responsible corporate citizens, the partnership have decided to work together to promote and encourage Singapore citizens to dispose their e-waste in a responsible manner. Together with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) and National Environment Agency (NEA), this programme has provided more opportunities for the public to recycle their e-waste.

In 2018, the programme expanded to include grassroots organisations such as People’s Association and the various Community Clubs and Resident’s corner to enhance and educate the public about recycling of electronic wastes and its many benefits.

In line with the Singaporean Government’s 3P (People-Public-Private) approach to tackle environmental issues, the partners involved have taken various roles to facilittate programme.

And, of course, you! See the list below for the bins near you! Help to protect our environment and start recycling your e-waste!

• A 2017 global report estimates that the world generated 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste in 2016 – equal to 9 great pyramids!

• About 60,000 tonnes of e-waste are generated a year. This is equivalent to the weight of 220 Airbus A380 aeroplanes!

• About 11kg of e-waste – equal in weight to 73 mobile phones – is discarded by each person a year!

• Ensures harmful substances are not released into the environment.

• Grows our green economy and local employment opportunities.

• Reduces strain on Singapore’s waste disposal facilities and frees up land for better quality of life for residents.

• Conserves our planet’s finite resource and fight climate change!

Recycling Made Easy!

You can recycle almost any electronic product in our bins, and do not have to be an existing customer or even have purchased the product from our partners. However, all recycled items must be able to fit through the bin’s 470mm x 150mm slot.

Locate a bin near you!

As an individual or as part of a household, you are encouraged to make use of e-waste recycling programmes voluntarily offered by Virogreen (S) Pte Ltd. Simply drop off your e-waste at any of our recycling points to properly recycle your e-waste.

Punggol North Eco-Drive

Punggol North Eco-Drive

Punggol Oasis RC Blk 175A Punggol Field #01-569, Singapore 821175

Punggol Coral RC Blk 126D Edgedale Plains #01-324, Singapore 824126

Punggol Cove RC Blk 101C Punggol Field #01-464, Singapore 823101

Punggol Gardens RC Blk 163A Punggol Central #01-177, Singapore 821163

Punggol Oceanus RC Blk 187 Punggol Central #01-26, Singapore 820187

Punggol Periwinkle RC Blk 195B Punggol Road #01-516, Singapore 822195

Punggol Meadows RC Blk 642D Punggol Drive #01-373, Singapore 822672

Punggol Meridian RC Blk 114 Edgefield Plains #01-358, Singapore 820114

Punggol Horizon RC Blk 622C Punggol Central #01-288, Singapore 823622

M1 E-Waste drop off point

M1 E-Waste drop off point

M1 Headquarter 10 International Business Park, Singapore 609928 (M1 Staff Only)

MiWorld – 9 International Business Park, Singapore 609915 (M1 Staff Only)

M1 Regional Operations Centre – 4 Aljunied Ave 1, Singapore 389978 (M1 Staff Only)

M1 Waterway Point – 83 Punggol Central, #B1-25 East Wing, Singapore 828761

M1 Tampines Mall – 4 Tampines Central 5 #03-01, Singapore 529510

M1 Causeway Point – 1 Woodlands Square #03-01, Singapore 738099

M1 Paragon – 290 Orchard Road #B1-28/29, Singapore 238859

M1 E-waste drop-off Programme

The M1 Drop-off Point Programme is a joint effort between M1 Limited & Virogreen (Singapore) Pte Ltd to promote responsible disposal of e-waste.

What to Recycle: Most electrical and electronic items, that fit through the deposit slot, including laptops, mobile phones, chargers, cables, etc. SIM cards and memory cards can be inserted into a specially designed slot found on the bin

Punggol North Eco-Drive

Virogreen (Singapore) Pte Ltd, in conjunction with Punggol 21 Community Club Management Committee (CCMC), has launched an e-waste recycling programme for Punggol North residents.

What to Recycle: Most electronic or electrical items, that fit through the deposit slot, including PCs, laptops, mobile phones and accessories, radios, electric irons, etc.

Interested to adopt a bin?

With the support from several corporate companies & private stakeholders
whom embarked as venue providers / project partners, we have developed an
Island-wide Drop-off Centre Program within designated locations of our various
venue partners, to evaluate the economic viability of collecting, transporting and
recycling of E-waste from the Community and the End-of- Life (also known as
EOL) products.

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